Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happyness Sale!

Happyness sale or unhappyness sale?

Today morning I opened newspaper and found many advertisements about "discount sales" in almost all shopping malls in Hyderabad. As my roommate is planning to buy a new suit for his MBA interview, we thought this is good time to do shopping and three of us started for shopping enthusiastically. We went to a well known shopping mall in Hyderabad, where almost all apparel brands are available. Each and every brand is offering "50% discount" or "Buy 1 Get 1" deals. The shopping mall named this discount season as "Happyness Sale". I felt so good and bought two shirts of otherwise costly brands. They offered me 50% discount on my bill of 3000 bucks. I felt really happy and thought that the name "Happyness Sale" is apt. I went to one of the sales guy and asked him why are they offering this much discount and whether do they get profit on my transaction. He eagerly replied, "Sir, this is end of season sale. February and March months are dull period for us in terms of sales. In order to get rid of unsold stock and to improve sales in these two months we offer discounts during this period every year".

So far everything was good and I was feeling happy about the "Happyness Sale". Just before leaving the shopping mall I came to see one shirt. As on all other shirts, the mall is offering 50% discount on this shirt too. But, I got irritated with this offer and thought "Nooooooooooo, this is unfair!!". Suddenly I felt the "Happyness Sale" as an "Unhappyness Sale". I called my friend, shown him this shirt and expressed my dissatisfaction about the discount on this particular shirt. He was surprised and asked me what is wrong about the discount on this particular shirt. I told him, "One month back I bought exactly similar shirt for 1500 bucks and now they are selling the shirt for just 750 bucks". He stared at me for a second, bursted out laughing and said "chal be saale".


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