Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rann movie

Today I watched RGV's movie Rann. RGV targetted media in this movie. He has shown how the news channels have become mad about creating sensational news instead of reporting news to people in the quest of higher TRPs. The essense of the movie can be captured with a dialog in Amitabh's speech in the climax, "Providing news should be the goal of media and money should be the medium to achieve this goal. But now a days, Earning money has became the goal of media and news became the medium to earn money"

All the artists have performed very well in their roles. Especially Amitabh delivered splendid performance as Harshvardan Malik, most respected journalist and owner of a news channel. Paresh Rawal is the best fit in the role as a cunning politician. Sudeep impressed in his role as son of a well respected journalist. Ritesh Deshmukh did justification to his character. Cinematography and background score are strengths of this movie.

Its a movie worth watching and deserves a rating of 4 out of 5.


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Nice review :)

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